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Earthenware furnishing accessories

Stone World Garden dispone di un ampio catalogo all’ingrosso e al dettaglio di complementi d’arredo per interni ed esterni in Terracotta, tra cui: anfore, vasi, pavimenti, statue, sculture e bocce.

What is earthenware?
They are ceramics that, after the baking process, have a color that varies from yellow to red brick, with the presence of iron salts or oxides [1]. The cooking is carried out at 980-990 ° C. The presence of iron oxide, in addition to giving the typical color, also improves the mechanical strength of the burnt ceramic, contributing to the vitrification and thus the porosity of the article.

Earthenware Features:
Due to its stability, resistance to aging and lightness to its porosity, terracotta is the most widespread construction material, called the brick name [2]. The terracotta is generally distinguished from the brick for “more accurate purification of the clay” [1].

They are used both with superficial coating and with coating. The first as structural and ornamental ceramics: bricks, vases, pitchers, etc. The second also as kitchenware: cups, plates.

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