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Furnishing Accessories in Cast Iron

Stone World Garden has a large wholesale and retail catalog of interior and exterior furniture accessories in Ghisa, including: vases, tanks, fountains, floors, fountains, gazebo, columns, benches.

What is Cast Iron?
Cast iron (also referred to as the nineteenth-century irons for the lower quality and the worst machinability with respect to sweet steel) is a ferro-carbon (or ferrous alloy) alloy with relatively high carbon content obtained for reduction or even heat treatment of Iron ore.

Why the Ghisa?
The excellent mechanical properties of the material and the ease of forming explain its diffusion in use, even in current good technology products, such as motorcycle monoblocks. The ease of casting allows this primary operation to be the final one to give shape (save and final machining), while steel forging and cold mechanical machining are energetically expensive and engage in machining, warehousing and time ..

The History of Cast Iron:
The earliest attempts to produce cast iron in the Mediterranean basin can be traced back to more than 1000 years BC by directly heating ferrous minerals with charcoal in rudimentary forgeries. The development of cast iron began in Europe in a relatively short time, as the furnaces were able only occasionally to exceed 750 ° C (a minimum melting temperature of the carbon – carbon combination of 0.81%).

In fact, “iron” was actually produced directly as “steel” as the unburned carbon contained in charcoal was combined with iron. The arrovented and spongy mass produced was percolated (hence the presence of mists in the vicinity of streams), until they expel the contained mineral impurities. The operation is called puddling. During the operation, steel was subjected to numerous folding operations that favored the formation of fibers.

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