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Bronze furnishing accessories

Stone World Garden has a large wholesale and retail catalog of interior and exterior furnishing accessories in Bronze, including: statues, vases, fountains, pillars, gates, gazebo, columns, benches and lanterns.

What is the Bronze?
Bronze is an alloy made of copper with a metal that can be aluminum, nickel, beryllium or tin. In common use, the term bronze identifies the alloy between copper and tin.

Why the Bronze?
Bronze is very much used by sculptors for their works, because many bronze alloys have the unusual and very useful properties to expand slightly just before solidifying, filling every empty blank of the mold that holds them. This allows, in the finished sculpture, to perfectly make every minute detail of the work of the artist.

The Bronze History:
It was used extensively during the Bronze Age. During this historical period, which he even gave the name, was used to build stronger, lighter weapons, weapons, armor and tools than stone or copper ones; To the metal components, mostly as impurities, arsenic was added, which contributed to making the alloy even harder.

This primitive bronze was also more resistant to the earliest iron weapons, because the way of forging good quality steel would be discovered only millenniums later. Despite this however, the Bronze Age gave way to Iron Age, as tidal shipments through the Mediterranean Sea ceased during the large migrations of populations that took place in the period 1200 to 1100 BC, making it extremely difficult Find the necessary raw material and cause a sharp increase in prices for this material. The bronze was therefore used only for objects of particular value, whereas for many purposes the weakest iron was sufficiently resistant to take its place. Since the beginning of the 20th century, silicon has been introduced as the main copper binder, and today most of the bronze for industrial and artistic uses is actually a copper-silicon alloy.

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